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» » Polystar - The Dome Vol. 94 [2CD] (2020) FLAC

Polystar - The Dome Vol. 94 [2CD] (2020) FLAC

Автор: Magik
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Polystar - The Dome Vol. 94 [2CD] (2020) FLAC

Название: Polystar - The Dome Vol. 94 [2CD] (2020) FLAC
Жанр: Pop, Dance
Год выпуска: 2020
Количество треков: 48
Время звучания: 02:30:05
Формат: FLAC
Качество: LOSSLESS
Размер: 987 MB

Product information about The Dome Vol. 94 Ready for the biggest chart party of the megastars? In a fresh summer look, The Dome 94 presents the best from the charts! The cherry on the cake: This issue will celebrate the most spectacular premieres! With all current hits from Surf Mesa Feat. Emilee, Purple Disco Machine, Sophie And The Giants, Achtabahn, Wincent Weiss, Annenmaykantereit, Max Giesinger, Nico Santos, OneRepublic and Capital Bra X Loredana. Every song is a hit and with this line-up of Superstrars, The Dome Vol.94 is the clear title favourite at number one in the charts. To your attention is presented a publication Polystar Universal Music for review, as well as an overview of the overall picture, content and listening!

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Категория: Музыка/Клипы
Теги: Pop Dance VA Album World Sound Dance Disco Reggae RnB Pop HipHop Polystar Universal Music The Dome

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