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Stray font family

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Stray font family

18x .OTF, .TTF | multilingual | cyrillic | prew | 12 MB

Stray might be the lonesome cowboy in this big odd world, but it's his just public fa?ade. Stray is handsome player that works well with any team or in any environment. He doesn't have a horse, but he can be the one, he can carry any weight. OK, let's talk serious now:
Stray is distinctive geometric sans serif family in 9 weights and matching Italics. By it's design, Stray flirts with humanistic typefaces in some elements, while on the other side, we can see vintage letter forms as well. It is well balanced typeface, fully legible in any (reasonable) size, with power to present versatile tasks and situations. Specific joining of letter stem and bowl is one of design characteristics of Stray, so it is not just another geometric sans family, it really differs in it's own details.
Contains extended Latin character map support and Cyrillic (no localizations, sorry). As any serious working horse family, it is equipped with decent OpenType features like Small Caps (for basic Latin only), Fractions, Tabular Figures, Denominator, Numerator, Ordinals and Ligatures. It also comes with small interesting set of dingbats.

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Категория: Для фотошопа
Теги: Шрифты

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